Lux is a Producer and Director who got his start in music videos which resulted in an MMVA Nomination. Expanding his horizons beyond music videos and into more narrative work, Lux lensed the arthouse film ‘Sleeping Dogs’ that premiered in various international film festivals including TIFF (Toronto). He then wrote and directed the short film ‘Solitude’, which was successfully received in Los Angeles, Miami and South Africa. ‘Solitude’ received the highest cinematography award nomination from the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and nomination for Best Narrative Film in South Africa .

Subsequently Lux photographed ‘Seth’ which received Best Picture and Excellence in Cinema at the New York Independent Film Festival. After a successful film projects, Lux was enlisted to helm the controversial feature film “Ecstasy”, a hard hitting drama about teens and drug addiction. The film was also nominated for the Voice Awards that year.


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