Music Videos

Gur Jann [director DP]

Just filmed this music video in Las Vegas using Arri Alexa Mini with MoviPro, Zeiss primes and lightweight LED lighting. My buddy there provided all the gear and helped out with casting and crewing.

Rosemary Siemens & The Sweet Sound Revival [Director, DP]

The backdrop of this video is Plum Coulee which is a few hours drive from Winnipeg. Filmed mostly with Red Epic Dragon (6K) and a few shots on Sony A7S II and DJI Phantom 4 drone.

J. Young “Oxygen” [Cinematographer]

Directed by Ali Visanji for XO Entertainment. I travelled to Boracay island in the Philippines with Camera (Red Dragon), Lenses (Zeiss), Ronin, Drone, Lighting (Kinos) from Canada because it was more efficient and economical than renting in the Philippines (Manila). We hire locals to be part of our crew who knew nothing about technical aspect of the camera and lighting. So I spent a day training the locals and we were able to film 3 days with more than able camera and lighting crew to move efficiently.

More Music Vids Below!

Screen grabs of Cinematography work in Music Video

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